Confronto reti
Filtro con rete Inox


Another step forward for air filters P08 and P16, which are detached again from the competition for the use of innovative technologies: after the filter element used in fact, Sprint Filter polyester, is the first company in the world in this market to employ the stainless steel mesh with epoxy coating for the support of the filter membrane. The advantages are many: the strength of the wire allows you to weave the net with larger mesh (usable area in fact passes from 66 % to 80 %) and to create a filter with superior structural characteristics.


This combination of rigidity and increase the area permeable provides a very high clean laminar flow airbox: more air = more power and of course, a very limited maintenance: air filters P08 polyester NOT Aeolian. No increase in weight is caused by the use of stainless steel with respect to the light alloy: in addition to the widest weft, the diameter of the wire used is lower than the structure passed and this thing than compensates for the greater specific weight. Finally also the look of the filters resulting improved: you use less adhesive for joining the network / frame and the membrane filter (orange for P08 to P16 and white) is much more defined.

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