The major motorcycle manufacturers and the leading teams engaged in various competitions worldwide choose Marchesini Racing. Marchesini first strength is the lightness of its products, where lightness means multiforgiatura, a recent production technique that ensures high rigidity and mechanical strength, combined with an obvious weight reduction. The latter is an important factor to increase performance. The light alloy wheels, magnesium or aluminum, reduce the gyroscopic effect and the moment of inertia, significantly improving responsiveness and handling. All this things allows better performance during acceleration and braking.


It is made of aluminum alloy made for multiforgiatura, both at 10 and 7-spoke. Despite the significant reduction in weight compared to the original set of wheels, these wheels have a high resistance, lateral and torsional, such that it is a valid solution for the realization of motion special and track racing. The aluminum wheels are interchangeable with the original wheels, except for the crown which must be replaced with a dedicated model.


The design of the rims Marchesini Racing is a real trademark. The wheels in 10-spoke forged magnesium, with its distinctive design to “Y” and the innovative wheel with 7 high performance breeds, equip the majority of teams in the MotoGP Championships, Superbike and Endurance. The reliability, lightness and safety are guaranteed by total control of the production process of magnesium alloys. The alloy magnesium multiforgiato perform best because they are lighter, rigid and efficient present in competitions. Mechanical processing of 100% of the surface, are the result of stringent laboratory tests performed in the company. The wheels are supplied ready for installation, complete with disc door flanges, spring drive, external and internal spacer bushings, all made from solid aluminum.