With the experience gained on the race around the world, Marchesini enters the cross market with new wheels ROCK rays. Consult the catalog to the list of applications.




These wheels are generally liberated the traditional nipple, with a considerable reduction of weight in the peripheral area of ??the wheel thereby improving the moment of inertia and the work of the suspension. The rays, in fact, now are straight and are inserted in a tangential with respect to the hub, filettandosi directly in the latter: a solution, this, that has allowed to also remove the same radius of curvature of latch eliminating a possible breaking point . The result is a more robust structure which allowed the reduction from 36 to 32 of the number of spokes.

Tension rays
With new cross ROCK wheels it is no longer necessary to adjust the spokes because the wheels are completely devoid of settling phenomenon. It remains however possible to tension the spokes to recover any permanent deformation of the rim. The hub is strictly CNC and anodized in various colors while the circle is anodized in black color. Having replaced the holes for the passage of the rays with the threaded blind holes for the direct anchoring of the same, the shape is much more compact and clean. The area that accommodates the bearings has been strengthened, to guarantee a more stable coupling and an increase in the rigidity of the group.

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