BREMBO RACING BRAKE MASTER CYLINDERS RCS 110A26310 110A26340 110A26320 110A26330 110A26345 110A26365

Brembo Racing Pompe Freno 110A263XX

Brake Master Cylinders 110A263XX

Brembo RCS brake master cylinders with system Ratio Click System, with the chance to modify the response of the brake system: more flexible control 18, 20 more ready.

  • Pumping internal MotoGP
  • Forged CNC machined pump casing, oxidized hard
  • Articulated brake lever
  • Adjustment lever distance
  • Brake light switch

The Several of the piston diameters allow you to choose the most suitable for the RCA own braking system.
19 RCS code 110A26310: to be used with disc systems and 4-piston calipers
17 RCS code 110A26340: suits motorcycle pistons calipers with max diameter. 32 mm
15 RCS code 110A26320 (with short lever) e Code 110A26330 (with long lever) Specific systems for single disc and caliper dual disc with 4-piston floating calipers.

14 RCS RIGHT SIDE brake: 110A26345 e 14 RCS LEFT SIDE brake: 110A26365
To be used on systems with single-disc caliper 2 pistons (usually 32 or 34) fixed or floating. Typical applications scooters and 125 road.

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