Brembo Racing Offroad Kit OverSize


Brembo Racing offers the new Oversize Kit for Off-road, designed to increase power and control the original system. These two parameters are often in opposition to each other, particularly in off-road, where it is easy to find very variable driving conditions. The oversize Brembo brake kit allows exactly as you want, firmly pinching or stroking € ™ s brake lever: on all occasions the system response will be no surprises. The Brembo Oversize Kit Off-Road telephone for Aprilia, Honda, KTM, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. (See the catalog).

The disc is composed of the steel band and the bell CNC aluminum alloy. The connection is guaranteed by means of entrainment pawls 6 which ensure the correct radial and axial flottanza, ensuring the minimization of the residual torque.
The bracket, which houses the original caliper, is also made in the CNC anodized aluminum alloy, and ensures rigidity and precision of operation. The kit is completed by Brembo pads SX mixes, ideal for use off-road: powerful and at the same modular, have a great coefficient of friction heat and excellent resistance to fading.

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